Saturday, February 21, 2009

Romantic Ways to Propose to My Girlfriend

Marriage Propose IdeasMarriage Propose IdeasFirst of all, let us start off with this romantic way that I proposed to my girlfriend with. Rent a boat and make sure that it's around evening time when the sun is about to set. Tell her that you want to take her out for an evening stroll and a nice dinner. While on the water make sure everything is how you want it to be set up candles, food, music, etc. Then ask her to get something behind her, and when she turns around she shall see her prize on one knee just waiting to ask that question.

Marriage Propose IdeasAnother romantic way to propose to your girlfriend is to try some sort of dinner proposal. Remember that spot when you two first started dating where you would go out for a nice stroll and a picnic lunch. Well take her there for a nice lunch to bring back those happy memories. Try setting up seashells or some wood in the words "will you marry me" for that heart felt moment.

Marriage Propose IdeasA great romantic way to propose to your girlfriend is flowers. Try getting one of her favorite flowers. Get the flower and place the ring inside of the petals. When she goes in for the smell of the flower there is no missing the first sight of that ring inside of the flower for a breath stopping surprise.

Marriage Propose IdeasOne romantic way to propose to your girlfriend that is well appreciated is a recreation. There is always the number one first date that you both will remember for your entire lives. Try to recreate that date by getting a table at that first restaurant or get that movie you both saw to play at the theatre again. Then while in the moment and the mood of being with each other like that pop the question. Whether it is going to be on the big screen when the movie is done or you have the waiter bring out a special meal with the words "will you marry me" related in the food. It is sure to be appreciated and a breath taking heartfelt experience for you both.

Hopefully now you have been able to answer your question of "romantic ways to propose to my girlfriend."

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