Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top Ways to Propose

Marriage Propose IdeasThe first of the three top ways to propose is a scavenger hunt. This can be fun and exciting for the both of you and at the end it leads to a wonderful twist of events that she would never expect. You can even make this technical with text messages or some technical devices this is one of the top ways to propose. Set up a hunt where you know that you can set up clues or hints. When she comes to the end after following your planned out trail she will find you on one knee ring in hand and waiting with the question.

The second of the three top ways to propose is a "picture perfect" night. If you want to leave her speechless then you want to try some of these tips. When you take her out you want to start your night with something romantic. Try starting with a long walk on the beach when the sun is setting and the sky is on fire and the ocean shines a deep orange. This is sure to break the ice to start off an amazing night. Then with eyes set to the stars lead your special girl to a spot already set up in the distance where you have a fire and a blanket with a basket of food. Candles in this situation are a good way to set the mood when you want to lay there and watch the stars together. Then in the midst of all of the amazing things going on you reach into the basket and pull out the ring and then ask away and with the bright stars shining down she is sure to melt into your arms.

The last way in these great top ways to propose has got to be in a park. Don't think small think big. You are thinking a normal park but take it a step higher and go to an amusement park where things can easily be set up. This is easily one of the top ways to propose. Take her to the park where there is to be a Ferris wheel. Make sure you have the operator informed of your plan before this all happens. Take her to the top of the wheel where you are sure to have the prime view of the entire area. Then pour your soul out to her and tell her everything you have to say. Then with all of the important factors said you can ask her to marry you in which ever way you decide to ask.

These are some of the top ways to propose and are the best quality so that we can wish you a very happy future.

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