Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Best Wedding Proposal

Marriage Propose IdeasThis proposal was voted best wedding proposal of all of our others. This scenario will take place starting at home. Before she wakes up start off with a wonderful breakfast with flowers and a kiss to wake up the soon to be bride. Make the morning great so she will start of on a great note for her day ahead. When she goes to shower that morning leave her a little note in the shower to remind her how much you love her.

Then after the nice shower take her out for a fun activity that both of you will like and enjoy together. It should be exciting and leaving more little notes or pictures will just help improve things. After a nice activity take her out to lunch at perhaps a nice little café or a small home like restaurant so that she can get a safe relaxed feeling. Order a preplanned meal that has something special in it like a few things written in chocolate or something of the sort.

After a wonderful lunch it should be a nice early afternoon where you can see a movie or perhaps go to the park or the beach for the rest of the day. These small steps can always lead to the very best wedding proposal because starting early can set the mood for the rest of the day and perhaps the evening. When the afternoon starts heading to a close then start headed to a predetermined location that you know is special. You don't want to make her think it is not special but you also don't want to give it away.

To get to this location perhaps get a horse and buggy or something romantic to keep the night intact. Things like this can really help you create the best wedding proposal. Then when the buggy stops lead her to this special place maybe with a fire and a sunset. Then when you are there ask her how she liked her day. She will have to say she likes it. Finally when she thinks it is over pull out the ring and get on one knee and propose right in front of the sunset and the warm glowing fire. The sight alone should be enough to make her melt.

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