Thursday, March 12, 2009

Romantic Propose

Marriage Propose IdeasThe first tip that we have to offer is a surprise factor. It will make the whole proposal so much better if it is a surprise so that it is unexpected. A planned proposal doesn't give it that aspect of spontaneous love, so a surprise is the way to go.

Another tip that we have is that there is some effort involved with the process. Don't just head out there and ask her like its nothing and not have something wonderful planned. Plan some kind of event or a dinner perhaps. Bring her somewhere special with some meaning or a set up somewhere along the way. Putting forth effort is sure to make the whole process go and flow easily with a well made plan.

Tip number three for or tips on your romantic propose. When you go to set some kind of event up or something make sure you set the mood. Setting the mood can be really important in timing for proposals. Make sure it is warm and romantic. Candle light and a nice bottle of wine or something can really be a mood setter for these things. A comfortable girl is a happy girl and setting the mood to make that happen can be obtained really simply.

One of the biggest tips we have is to make sure that the weather for that day is almost perfect. Weather can be a huge deciding factor in many proposal dates. For example if you take your girlfriend for a walk on the beach to the spot where you will propose and a rain storm hits it could ruin the whole plan. You want to make sure that if it's a night event that you can see the stars or if its evening you would want to see the sun set.

The biggest tip that we have for a successful romantic propose is you don't cheap out on the ring. A nice ring is something every girl would love to brag about. If you get engaged then you would want to brag or show off something flashy. This may sound very material but it is something that a girl will look for.


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  2. I often see a romantic wedding proposal on TV and in the movies. Personally, I haven't witness a real wedding proposal. I wish I could. My brother plans to have a romantic proposal to her long time girlfriend Jane. He told me yesterday that if Jane would say YES, he wants the wedding to be in Denver (wedding receptions here are really good, too).