Saturday, January 18, 2020

“The Romantic’s Guide To Popping The Question” (Priceless or Worthless?) ­ Here’s The Book Review

Let’s face it, one of the biggest problems you face, when planning to pop the question, is finding a unique, creative and romantic way to do it.

So does “The Romantic’s Guide To Popping The Question” really provide you with quality stories, ideas and inspiration for an unforgettable marriage proposal?

First of all, the book contains 101 stories in total, and after reading just the first fifteen stories, I knew this is exactly what men need to make their proposal exceptional. I found myself leaning back in my chair, saying, “wow,” after reading many of the stories.

In fact, every time I thought they couldn’t get any more creative and imaginative, they did! Just wait till you read what everyone did with their cars and bodies in story #13 it was incredible! And the creative way a guy proposed in the cinema! And the horseback proposal “with a twist” that will totally blow you away!

Not to mention, this book also has the 25 WORST marriage proposals that will have you laughing your guts out! These were so enjoyable that I’ve been sharing them with friends ever since.

Now, the only problem I have with the book is that it makes other proposal stories (even half-decent ones) look terrible! I mean these stories are unheard of anywhere else. If you’re thinking of proposing or know someone who’s about to, then tell him or her about this book right now!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Romantic Propose

Marriage Propose IdeasThe first tip that we have to offer is a surprise factor. It will make the whole proposal so much better if it is a surprise so that it is unexpected. A planned proposal doesn't give it that aspect of spontaneous love, so a surprise is the way to go.

Another tip that we have is that there is some effort involved with the process. Don't just head out there and ask her like its nothing and not have something wonderful planned. Plan some kind of event or a dinner perhaps. Bring her somewhere special with some meaning or a set up somewhere along the way. Putting forth effort is sure to make the whole process go and flow easily with a well made plan.

Tip number three for or tips on your romantic propose. When you go to set some kind of event up or something make sure you set the mood. Setting the mood can be really important in timing for proposals. Make sure it is warm and romantic. Candle light and a nice bottle of wine or something can really be a mood setter for these things. A comfortable girl is a happy girl and setting the mood to make that happen can be obtained really simply.

One of the biggest tips we have is to make sure that the weather for that day is almost perfect. Weather can be a huge deciding factor in many proposal dates. For example if you take your girlfriend for a walk on the beach to the spot where you will propose and a rain storm hits it could ruin the whole plan. You want to make sure that if it's a night event that you can see the stars or if its evening you would want to see the sun set.

The biggest tip that we have for a successful romantic propose is you don't cheap out on the ring. A nice ring is something every girl would love to brag about. If you get engaged then you would want to brag or show off something flashy. This may sound very material but it is something that a girl will look for.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to Proposals

Marriage Propose IdeasThere are some classic techniques that we would love to share with everyone that we can add our own little spin on to. The first one we have to share with you is the classic on one knee proposal. The on one knee proposal has been in many love stories, movies, and real life happenings. It has a history of being the choice that many people have. This proposal is done by getting on one knee and perhaps having a flower in your mouth or hand and in the other have the ring to ask her to marry you.

The second how to proposals idea that we have is the ever so classic air writing. Air writing can be fantastic if the weather is perfect and the sky is clear. Air writing is preformed by having a sky writing air plane with the smoke fly in the air and fly write the words "will you marry me" in the sky. This has also been known to happen with banners and larger signs for when smoke is just not an option for that day.

The sports arena proposal with the score board is another largely popular form of proposing. This how to propose idea is easily accomplished with the help of the manager of the arena and the score board operator to put it up on the score board. Talk with them before the planned proposal and have the manager and the score board operator place up the question during a period swap or perhaps the greatest would be during half time.

Another proposal is a more public ordeal. This can be accomplished by either maybe having a singer or some sort or person or event that you are going to go see do something special. Such as sing a favorite song, sing a romantic song, or even possibly a song that's special to you both. At the end of the song the singer or special person at the even can ask the question up on stage so that the question can be directed to you two people in the audience.

These were some of our how to proposals ideas and we hope that they could help you along the journey to a great successful marriage with the loved one of your dreams.

Still need more marriage proposal ideas, click here I really love this site and if I weren't married already, you'd bet I would be reading what they have to say. Unfortunately, this site wasn't around for me when I got married but, trust me this site has marriage proposals that you'll find more valuable than all the gold in the world! Get reading, Get married.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Best Wedding Proposal

Marriage Propose IdeasThis proposal was voted best wedding proposal of all of our others. This scenario will take place starting at home. Before she wakes up start off with a wonderful breakfast with flowers and a kiss to wake up the soon to be bride. Make the morning great so she will start of on a great note for her day ahead. When she goes to shower that morning leave her a little note in the shower to remind her how much you love her.

Then after the nice shower take her out for a fun activity that both of you will like and enjoy together. It should be exciting and leaving more little notes or pictures will just help improve things. After a nice activity take her out to lunch at perhaps a nice little café or a small home like restaurant so that she can get a safe relaxed feeling. Order a preplanned meal that has something special in it like a few things written in chocolate or something of the sort.

After a wonderful lunch it should be a nice early afternoon where you can see a movie or perhaps go to the park or the beach for the rest of the day. These small steps can always lead to the very best wedding proposal because starting early can set the mood for the rest of the day and perhaps the evening. When the afternoon starts heading to a close then start headed to a predetermined location that you know is special. You don't want to make her think it is not special but you also don't want to give it away.

To get to this location perhaps get a horse and buggy or something romantic to keep the night intact. Things like this can really help you create the best wedding proposal. Then when the buggy stops lead her to this special place maybe with a fire and a sunset. Then when you are there ask her how she liked her day. She will have to say she likes it. Finally when she thinks it is over pull out the ring and get on one knee and propose right in front of the sunset and the warm glowing fire. The sight alone should be enough to make her melt.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Ways to Propose

Marriage Propose IdeasComing up is number one of our best ways to propose. We have quite a selection but we are going to give you just a few here. This one is exhilarating. Everyone knows your heart races when you are flying in the air because you are so high up and you can see everything. Try and hot air balloon ride way up in the sky above something beautiful. While your hearts are racing then ask her the question and have it with wine or with a beautiful flower. It will be sure to lift the mood.

Following up at a close number two is sure to bring happiness to any situation. We all know the great mystery proposal. There is a reason this made our list of best ways to propose. This has made so many happy couples have a fun and amazing proposal. Start with a few notes or a sign that gives away the first clue. Try to have something of memory such as a picture at each clue to ensure some great memory reliving on this whole journey. Then when she gets to the last clue it should be you waiting there with a sign or on one knee with a ring asking her hand in marriage.

The last way we are going to give you is our third place winner. This is the final proposal of the best ways to propose. Valentines Day is the day of love. Couples on this day can celebrate how much they love someone. Complete with great dinners, fantastic cards, and most of all with that special someone. Why wouldn't someone think this could be the best day to do it? Bring her out for a nice dinner and you can have chocolates and flowers to compliment the wonderful meal. You can hide a ring in the chocolate box in a chocolate spot so that it can be seen with out trouble. Then when she opens the box to have a chocolate she will see the ring. When she looks up from the box you will be right there ready to ask the question while you see the very surprised look on her face.