Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Propose IdeasWe've all heard of those amazing stories where a man brings his soon to be wife to tears (of joy) with an amazing marriage proposal. We've also heard of someone we know giving the worst marriage proposal ever and then getting rejected... So, today I'm going to put you in on the secret and share with you the ULTIMATE way to get the girl you love with these 3 free marriage proposal ideas. I guarantee you'll be kicking yourself thinking why oh why didn't I know this before.

Free Marriage Proposal idea #1

Write a story book. In the book start off with two children and walk each other through life. Eventually, lead up to the point where he (you) propose marriage. Make a little pocket on the second to last page and put the ring in the middle where their hands meet. Show the girl already wearing the ring... Make sure you read it and when you get to the page that says "will you marry me" make sure you say those words with so much passion that she simply can't refuse. Make sure you turn to the last page of the story after all the excitement and have it say something along the lines of "happily ever after". Also make sure you make the book yourself and little pop ups would be good also. Even if you're not the most creative just do your best. This is going to be the one "kids book" that you'll be holding onto for the rest of your life.

Free Marriage Proposal idea #2

A walk to remember. For this marriage proposal idea it's going to take some rattling of your brain. You're going to need to recall all of the important places. Your first date, your first kiss, that park you guys used to go for walks in, that first movie you saw together, etc. Have her go on "quest" to find these items or go to these places, on the last one lead her back to you perhaps at your home or apartment when she walks through the door be waiting for her with the ring and your hand, down on one knee, and pop that magic question "will you marry me" with a walk through your relationship like this she's sure to say yes.

Free Marriage Proposal idea #3

The "message in a bottle" marriage proposal. Here's how it works... write a compelling poem, song, or special proposal message. You can do this a bunch of different ways but one good way to make sure that this is a successful marriage proposal is by having an intimate dinner at your home... have the note tied to a string with it connected to the cork. Pickup a bag of ice at the convenience store and find a nice thing to put the bottle in on the table now put the ice over the bottle with just the neck poking out. Have two glasses of wine on the table and ask her to poor the wine while you use the bathroom, or finish up dinner, just don't go far away. As she opens it she'll notice something strange there's a note in the bottle (be sure to have an extra bodily tucked away for the actual dinner). When she's done reading the note, take the ring out of your pocket, and say those magic marriage proposal words!

Still need more marriage proposal ideas, click here I really love this site and if I weren't married already, you'd bet I would be reading what they have to say. Unfortunately, this site wasn't around for me when I got married but, trust me this site has marriage proposals that you'll find more valuable than all the gold in the world! Get reading, Get married.

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