Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine Proposals

Marriage Propose IdeasThe first of many valentine proposals is to try for a banner. Why a banner you ask? Well we all know how amazing it can be if u wanted to write out your love in the sky with smoke. But face it, with the chance of rain, wind, even a cloudy day that could ruin the entire plan altogether. Now a banner can be placed anywhere. If she loves fish try an aquarium. Or she loves animals how about a zoo or a habitat. Even an amazing sun set on the balcony of an inn in the mountains you can hang it in the trees.

Second on our list of valentine proposals is very simplistic but heartfelt. Go out and set a blanket maybe in the yard or somewhere alone. Then pull her close and reveal that ring you have been hiding in your pocket all night. Pour your heart and soul into everything you want to say. Ask that certain question with everything you feel and mean while she stares heart racing and breath stopped as you ask her.

Third on the list of many valentine proposals is easily done. You can go out to dinner at the restaurant that you both first went to. You can bring back those heartfelt memories. Have a waiter bring out her favorite dish. When he goes to set the dish down try and slip the ring underneath the plate or her cup. Then when she goes to move them the look of astonishment would be enough to light up the entire room when she looks up at you with that smile.

Coming in fourth on our list of valentine proposals is more complicated but can be done with ease. Since Valentines Day is the 14th try using 14 different containers. With the containers regardless what they may be, boxes, envelopes, or anything of that sort. This next part is easy. All you have to do is write 13 things from your heart that she means to you or you feel about her. Put each one in a different container. Then for the 14th container you put the ring. Then wait until you are at that special spot and have her begin opening the containers and when she's done with the 13th one hand her the last one and wait until she has it open and stares in complete awe as you pop the question with ring in hand.

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