Sunday, March 1, 2009

Romantic Marriage Proposal

Marriage Propose IdeasThis romantic marriage proposal can be arranged with all sorts of friends and family. Such as Christmas time is perfect for a marriage proposal. Christmas time is when all the family and friends can gather round to celebrate each other which can make everything just that much better. When everyone comes over for Christmas you want to make sure everything is perfect.

When everyone gets there sit down to a great dinner that everyone can enjoy. While the bride to be is perhaps getting something from the kitchen pull her parents and maybe yours quickly off into another room. While they are there tell them that you plan to ask their daughter for her hand that night. When you make it back to the table your loved one is going to be back at the table from the kitchen. A simple excuse can be that you had to quick show them something in the other room.

When the dinner comes to a close everyone loves presents. Of course your present will be part of your romantic marriage proposal. When everyone sits down there will be time where you can pass out the gifts to everyone in the room. Everyone will be having a good time and the unsuspecting soon to be bride will be thrilled with the excitement. With few expecting this enormous occasion you suddenly find one last gift in the tree. As you grab your last "gift" and slowly turn around with it behind your back. Walk over to her slowly and get on one knee and bring the ring around the front of yourself.

Now getting the right line can make this romantic marriage proposal be much more of a surprise. Now where we left off was turning around and getting on one knee. Tell her that here is her last present and slowly open the box. When she looks down at the box she is sure to be surprised and amazed. While she is still surprised ask her for her hand in marriage. Have one of the few people that were informed have a camera ready while the big moment happens. To have the big question and the even bigger answer on tape is sure to help relive that precious moment over and over again.


  1. Wow,thanks nice bright ideas.I think it will be a long time to find a bride.I have lots of nice wedding proposal ideas but ain't got a bride yet.

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