Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Marriage Propose IdeasLet's get started with our number one idea. This idea is one of the more classic wedding proposal ideas. We have all heard of the classic romantic dinner and proposal. Well how about we start off with maybe a few tips that could help you improve from the classic. Take your special girl out to a special dinner for say some special occasion or even just a nice surprise. Have the waiter bring out some fancy champagne or wine or something special. Have a great dinner and keep off of any clues that could lead to the secret slipping out before your ready. After a great dinner and maybe some conversation get closer to her and drop to one knee. When you are on your knee pull out the ring from your pocket and tell her everything you need to tell her before the big question. Then just ask away and it is sure to give a big surprise to brighten up the night.

Another one of our great wedding proposal ideas is very creative and effort prone. Every boyfriend wants to give his special girl the perfect stunning proposal. Well we are going to give you some fantastic wedding proposal ideas that can lead you on your way to a happy and amazing proposal. This proposal idea is going to involve a movie theater. Get the theater to play your girlfriend's favorite movie or even a movie that is special to you both for just you two. Then at the end of the movie have an advertisement come up on the screen. When it comes on have a picture of you two come up on the screen and have the big question follow shortly behind, above the picture. Then when she turns to look at you have the ring in hand and be prepared to ask her.

We are going to give you one more of these great wedding proposal ideas. This one will involve a hill top or even a mountain. Take your girl up to the top of this hill or mountain where you can see a whole view of fantastic landscape. While you are up there take her hands in yours and tell her everything you could possibly need to say to her while getting ready for the moment. When you are done telling her every thing you need to tell her get on one knee and take her hand and ask her for her hand while the landscape below sparkles from pure amazement.

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