Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creative Wedding Proposals

Marriage Propose IdeasOur first of the few creative wedding proposals that we are going to share with you can take place anywhere. We recommend that it be in a special place such as a first date or a first kiss location. Try taking some foam or even some boxes and cut them. Cut them into letters and number them. Play a game with them and hide them in places that have clues in them. When she finds all the pieces with the clues that you left tell her to organize them into numerical order. When she lines them all up it should spell out "will you marry me?" she is bound to be happy that you remembered this spot and that you put in so much effort.

Coming up as number two we have a clever little scrapbook fun. Take a scrapbook that you might have made and put pictures of you two in it leading up to the future. Make sure you leave the last page blank for the special moment. This is one of our more creative wedding proposals because of the special memory reliving. Now that all the pictures are in place take the back page and put the ring in the sleeve with the words will you marry me somewhere on the page. Then when you two flip through it together reminiscing and she hits that last page she can see the ring and the writing. Its sure to be a surprise and enough to take her breath away.

Our last of our creative wedding proposals that we are going to share with you has to be really creative. This idea is planned with a movie theatre. You start off by talking to the owner of the theater seeing if maybe he can squeeze in an ad for you about a proposal. Then when you get him to agree set up a camera or maybe even a slide show. Make the video with you asking for her hand in marriage, or a slide show that lets you lead up to asking her to marry you. When she watches she is sure to turn to you and see you there on one knee with ring in hand ready to ask her to marry you.

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