Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ideas to Propose

Marriage Propose IdeasA nice and simple more classic of our ideas to propose is the one knee on the ground ring in hand proposal. We have all seen it in movies and shows. Well why not use that use a simple meaningful method. Take her some where romantic such as a sunset on the beach or to a nice restaurant where maybe you can dine out on a patio. When the timing is right when the sun is just the right level or waiting for the meal at the restaurant pop the question on one knee ring in hand maybe even with a nice flower.

Looking for romantic? Well how about you try out one of these ideas to propose. Try a romantic vacation for perhaps an anniversary or something of that sort. Why not head out to an island for a get away or a secluded spot far out away from people. Set up perhaps a picnic lunch for the two of you over looking the ocean. Have a rose or flower at the lunch with the ring tied at the bottom and pop the question when everything is perfect.

Another one of our more romantic ideas to propose is sure to win her over. Scatter rose or flower petals on her bed with the ring in its box in the center of the bed. When she gets home tell her there is something in the room for her and then bring her up there. Open the door and let her gather it all in and tell her to go see what is in the middle of it all. When she's standing there and she opens that box you should be ready to ask her when she turns back around to look at you.

Everyone is a fan of something and it can be a great idea to incorporate that into you proposal. This is one of our ideas to propose using the ever so popular sporting events. Everyone has seen the scoreboard during a half time show when someone is asked to marry their significant other. Well that's not a bad idea now that you think about it. Does your loved one love sports or movies or even dancing? Well then try to organize a scoreboard proposal for a half time show during a game. You can also try putting an ad up on a movie theatre screen for previews. There are so many ways that you can incorporate something that she loves when its time to ask that big question.

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