Saturday, February 28, 2009

Romantic Wedding Proposals

Marriage Propose IdeasNow we all know that different languages are difficult and some even called the language of love. Well if your loved one speaks a different language then learning how to ask for their hand in marriage in that language can really give signs of effort and of caring. It takes time and patience to learn a new language, but we all know that she is worth it. Speaking a different language can be one of the very best romantic wedding proposals.

Breakfast in bed can be a woman's dream if she hasn't had it happen before. So why not start off a very special day with breakfast in bed. Bring her breakfast fresh off the stove so it is warm. Have the ring on maybe some sort of flower or maybe keep it around the napkin like a holder. When she sees the ring on the napkin she will be sure to ask abut it. When she does get on one knee and prepare for the highlight question of the day.

Good day always starts off being nice and clean with a nice hot shower in the morning. We are going to take our next proposal there. When she is in the shower in the morning sneak in and write out the words "Will You Marry Me?" On the mirror in the bathroom in the steam. When she gets out of the shower she is sure to see the writing and is sure to be excited about reading it. When she runs out of the bathroom you should be waiting there with the ring ready to pop the question.

In many cases even the simplest of it all can make the most romantic wedding proposals. How about doing something unexpected for your special one and maybe have someone help you. Take her to a wonderful dinner or a movie and have someone that you might know set up a nice romantic scene at home ready for you when you return. Have her stay for some late night movie or for some special dessert. While she is wrapped in the moment of the special scene that you had prepared for you can drop to one knee and ask her the very question that you had planned for all night. This is one of our most romantic wedding proposals, because regardless it's simple some of the simplest things mean the most to many people.

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