Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unique Proposal Ideas

Marriage Propose IdeasWe should start off with something on the exciting side. Karaoke is a fun exciting way to propose. You can request to sing something extremely special such as the song when you two first met, or even her favorite song. Sing it together in front of the audience which will definitely get the heart beating and the blood pumping. Then at the end of the song you can ask her in front of everyone so that they all can know how much you love her.

To take it down a notch would be too dull for something this important that you want to leave a lasting impression for. So keeping that in mind another one of our unique proposal ideas is sure to bring out a glow. Before she can arrive home from work run to her room and stick glow in the dark letters on the ceiling asking her to marry you. Prepare a fantastic dinner and when she comes home she will certainly be surprised at this wonderful meal that it can set the whole night up for a great success. Then you can watch a movie or just sit together in front of a fire. When its time for bed lead her to the room and when you turn off the lights you can wait until she sees the letters and she is sure to come find you. That's when you can give her the ring and listen for her answer.

Now the last proposal we are going to give you is cute and funny for you and your loved one. This one of our many unique proposal ideas is one with a nice keepsake. We all know about the famous build-a-bear. Well have a voice box inside that asks the question and put the box with the ring in it in the hand of the bear. Then when you see her for Valentines Day you can give her the bear. When she takes the bear tell her to squeeze it and watch the reaction as she hears the question. Because of this wonderful bear that's why this specific proposal has made our list of unique proposal ideas. It comes out with two winners.

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